Senior DevSecOps Engineer (f/m/d)

Enpal B.V. • Berlin

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At Enpal, we are pursuing the dream of building the largest renewable community in Europe. How do we make that happen? Enpal finally simplifies providing solar energy: We rent out solar systems, electricity storage, and wall boxes at an all-inclusive rate, supplemented by a favorable green electricity tariff; all intelligently connected to form an integrated overall solution. True to the motto "digital, decentralized, and 100% renewable", our heart beats both for the rapid development of a company and for combating the greatest challenge of our generation - climate change.

Your duties

As a DevSecOps Engineer you will automate the integration of security in every phase of our cloud-native software development cycle. You will integrate application and infrastructure security into agile and devops processes and -tools and will be responsible for proactive security scanning. You will monitor the security of our applications and IT landscape in Microsoft Azure, identify security gaps and react to security problems as soon as they arise. You collaborate with Security Architects to create and enforce organization-wide security policies. 

We offer speed, agility, and steep career growth. Our vision to make sustainable solar energy available to everyone can only come to live through our customer and product-oriented view, and the cooperation between software development, product management and lean, experiment-driven business development. 

Join us to develop your professional skills, take part in the energy revolution, and let us take ownership of the sustainable change we want to see in the world together! We are looking forward to your application. 

At Enpal, you would be 

  • building secure solutions. We are serious about delivering incremental value in each iteration, and we celebrate when we improve people's experience with our solution, make an impact towards our climate goals. 

  • troubleshooting, identifying, and fixing problems. We are constantly improving the security of our applications and IT landscape and fixing issues as soon as they arise. 

  • improving overall security. We're about improving stability, availability, automating as much as we can; including load tests and vulnerability scans. We are constantly challenging and improving company wide security, backup and HA strategies. 

  • working on architecture & vision. We are fusing old and new technologies; cloud-native microservices, IoT applications, a Salesforce backbone, an event-driven architecture. This means we analyze new requirements critically to see which moving parts would have to change, explore opportunities to solve organization-spanning challenges with elegant and secure solutions. 

  • steering for empathy and understanding. Only when we comprehend what the market needs we can create solutions that truly address underlying challenges. Ask critical questions and listen to operations, craftspeople, sales - there are so many stakeholders and users to get input from, and balancing their needs leads to the best solutions.

Your profile

We are looking for roughly a 50% fit with for what we ask. The other 50% is a surprise to us, it is the magic you bring to the table and the diversity in which you make us grow. 

  • you have over 5 years of experience in cloud security 

  • you have a security-first mindset, and appreciate developer experience as a close second 

  • you have extensive knowledge of cloud computing platforms; Azure is a huge plus. 

  • you are familiar with information security frameworks, standards and policies 

  • you have experience with security automation, for example with tooling like Wiz, Lacework, Tenable Nessus, Sonarqube

  • your experience with CI/CD, Terraform, Kubernetes, MongoDB, C#, Nodejs, Openstack, Datadog is a plus 

  • you have extensive knowledge of cloud computing platforms, Azure is preferred

  • you communicate clearly in English, spoken and written. Crisp and concise ways of formulating your ideas and opinions. Knowledge of German is a plus. 

  • you are inspired by the energy transition and want to make a difference. We are one of the biggest players in the solar business and want to make this change with you. 

  • you want to participate in a company where empowerment and initiative is valued. We are looking for people who want to grow their personal skills and knowledge, take responsibility, steer and influence for what they feel is right. 

  • agile and lean values are embodied by you. People over processes. Code over documentation. Reducing waste by building minimum viable products first, testing it with real users, growing and maintaining solutions as requirements evolve. 

More information

We're offering 

  • The chance to be part of a fast-growing and future-oriented startup: we are one of the biggest players in the solar business. 

  • Help to make the world a bit better: we are all about green energy. 

  • Work with the best in the industry and grow with us: there’s plenty of room for your ideas. 

  • A hybrid work model, the ability to come to our Berlin office every now and then for in person discussions and events, or to be there all the time - you decide. 

At Enpal, we are proud of the diversity of our team. No decisions are made on the basis of skin colour, religion or religious belief, ethnic or national origin, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability or age, either during recruitment or employment. Enpal stands for a safe workplace and takes action against discrimination and harassment of any kind. 

Tech Stack

CI/CD Techniques and Processes

Terraform, Sonarcloud, Datadog, Azure Devops

Cloud Environments

Azure, Docker, Balena


C#, NodeJS, React


MongoDB, SQL, Snowflake


Director Software Engineering

Empowerment and collaboration are necessary to create an impactful digital product. Having people from diverse backgrounds best enables us to build vibrant teams that tackle our complex engineering challenges. Different nationalities, genders, and lived experiences, highlight distinctive solutions and allow for holistic problem-solving approaches.

Software Developer

Having joined Enpal's tech team almost a year ago, I felt warmly welcomed from the beginning. It's an inspiring environment where everyone can pick tasks they enjoy. I appreciate the freedom to voice disagreements and have constructive discussions to find the best solutions collaboratively. We encourage suggesting and driving solutions - not just creating new features but also maintaining software and managing tech debt.