Principal Software Engineer (d/m/f)

Flexa • Munich


Flexa, a Joint Venture between Enpal and Entrix, is chartered with establishing a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) that delivers exceptional energy cost savings while supporting the transition to a 100% renewable electricity future. Through a deep integration into the installed hardware and a direct connection to the customer interfaces, Flexa’s solution controls the energy assets (such as EV, heat pump, home storage and others) of the entire Enpal energy community with an exceptional level of accuracy, speed, transparency, and thus customer satisfaction. With intelligent real-time dispatching algorithms, Flexa maximizes Enpal customers’ usable flexibility and its returns on energy markets including costs, such as grid fees, asset degradation.

  • Full-time


from today

Your duties

  • Design, craft and maintain our VPP system end-to-end, across dimensions such as data ingestion and processing, energy management system (EMS), optimization logic implementation, fleet control, accounting and settlement

  • Work cross-functionally, especially with data scientists to support them in the implementation of our optimization logic, automated trading execution, and battery control

  • You will mentor and guide team members and improve their workflows by bringing your best knowledge to the team

  • Define and foster engineering best practices and spend time teaching engineers and data scientists on how to design and deliver a well built, maintainable, iterable solution

  • You will support your colleagues during their onboarding, daily operations and strategic tasks

  • Implementation of our optimization and trading algorithms with focus on immediate go-lives as well as strategic, long-term focussed advancement of our platform

  • Maintain and improve our tech stack and development environments and build infrastructure, from how services are developed and tested, to how they are built and integrated, to how they are monitored

Your profile

Mandatory requirements

  • 7+ years experience in Software Engineering (Backend and algorithmic) in the cloud

  • 3+ years experience with Python including object-oriented design

  • 2+ years experience in onboarding, mentoring and coaching colleagues in junior positions

  • Evidence of pragmatic delivery

  • Experience working cross-functionally, especially with Product and Data Science teams

  • Team player to effectively bring across complex ideas and concepts with an ability to work on solutions individually

  • Experience and desire to work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment

  • Strategic and analytical thinking

  • Full business proficiency in English

Skills to Set You Apart

  • Familiarity with AWS cloud platform, and services like Lambda, DynamoDb, ApiGW

  • Energy industry experience

  • Design thinking/sprint  experience

This won’t be the right role for you if…

  • You don’t have the habit of defining your own tasks and expect other functions to do them

  • You are used to working in clear separate functions

At Flexa, we are committed to diversity - of backgrounds and experiences. You don’t need 100% of the preferred qualifications to add incredible value to our team. If you’re passionate about what you could accomplish here, wewould love to hear from you.

Our offer

  • Professional Development: Annual development budget of 3,000 € for coachings, trainings, books, etc

  • Health & Sport Subsidy: Company subsidised sports facilities membership

  • Public Transportation Subsidy: Monthly subsidy to your public transport ticket

  • Lunch/Dinner Allowance Vouchers: Allowance for meals on working days as digital meal vouchers

  • Work Equipment: Mac Book or Windows Laptop, iPhone (also for private use) and ergonomic workplace

  • Regular Team Events: Knowledge Sessions, Afterwork, Sports, Offsites, Halloween, Pride Month, etc.


Director Software Engineering

Empowerment and collaboration are necessary to create an impactful digital product. Having people from diverse backgrounds best enables us to build vibrant teams that tackle our complex engineering challenges. Different nationalities, genders, and lived experiences, highlight distinctive solutions and allow for holistic problem-solving approaches.

Software Developer

Having joined Enpal's tech team almost a year ago, I felt warmly welcomed from the beginning. It's an inspiring environment where everyone can pick tasks they enjoy. I appreciate the freedom to voice disagreements and have constructive discussions to find the best solutions collaboratively. We encourage suggesting and driving solutions - not just creating new features but also maintaining software and managing tech debt.